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Divine Lover Kyphi Incense - Kneaded

Divine Lover Kyphi Incense - Kneaded

This hand-kneaded batch of Kyphi incense is perfect for couple rituals. Based on traditional Egyptian recipes and staying true to a spiritual experience, each ball will infuse your space with an amazing vibration that has been enjoyed by generations.

About Mermade

Mermade brings you the finest in Natural Incense Blends and Materials, as well as Artisan Perfume Oils, and fine Frankincense. All our products are loving created and packaged by hand here in our workshop. Katlyn's blends are unique and we believe that they will enrich the beauty of your life. Most Incense on this site is available only from this website. But we do carry a few carefully chosen scents and imported items that we believe are very special and want to make them available to you. Almost all of our incense raw materials are directly sourced, we strive to only carry the best.

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